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3D CGI environment build
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3D CGI environment expansion
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A Quick Overview

Some of our Older Work

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It was one day that a Rimowa suitcase arrived in our studio and everyone in our team was simply staring at it. Then a brief came to our attention that its principal photography was to take place in Germany and we had to perform all post, 3D and VFX.

Olympic Air

After years of being shut down due to government policies, the airline was privately acquired and could once again fly. This commercial was built to signal the first flight of the new Olympic Air, which had the same number as the original airplane, back when the company was first founded.


One day the phone rang. An advertising company wanted to promote the updated architecture of the new Flocafe stores. Naturally, no building was ready at the time, so the principal photography ended up with the actors and a few props. Everything else had to be done in 3D.

Our Community Participation

Century High School

On December of 2019, shortly before the pandemic began, we heard of a local high school that has been actively helping less fortunate families for years. We took the liberty to approach them and volunteer to get their message out.

The Sparta of Our Life

One of the oldest families of Sparta, Greece, decided to donate all of its historical belongings and real estate to city. This way, new generations would know of the modern history of the region. This was our modest contribution.

A Childrens' Dance

A group of children would annually volunteer to perform traditional celebrations and dances from all over Greece, including areas long lost due to wars and disasters. We took the liberty of volunteering for their event's coverage.

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