Art Meets Science

IP Development

Creation and acquisition of Intellectual Property for Film, TV, and Digital Media.
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Full production services, from packaging to principal photography, to post-production.
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Post & VFX

Specialized project Post Production and Visual Effects, including 3D CGI.
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We are Creators Designers Innovators Entrepreneurs

We are creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Beginning with film and TV, we expand in the ever-evolving world of media with a late focus on virtual and digital production. We pay close attention to powerful storytelling to bring the soul-cleansing properties of creativity to par with new and experimental technologies. Everything has a purpose. To get something new to the only people who truly matter. You.

Our aim is to sparkle the innovative nature of sciences through our world-building projects, while our stories offer a glimpse of humanity’s actual capacity. We drive to mitigate risks for our investors through cost-effective solutions and innovation while developing strategies for broad audience awareness. True to the message of our projects, we remain a human-centered company with a culture that inspires loyalty, creativity, and ingenuity.

We aspire to promote the strength of humanity and we strive to achieve it.

Our People

VIP Inc is composed of creators, innovators, and farseeing individuals from three continents of our planet, with backgrounds from writing to post-production, from financials to marketing & advertising (ATL & BTL). We have both artistic and scientific backgrounds.

Collectively, we are experienced in a variety of traditional and digital media, including film (analog & digital), TV, virtual reality (real-time), dome theaters (pre-rendered), audio-visual structure projections, and computer game design.

Our Mission

We are committed to developing and producing quality worldwide media content for all platforms. Our focus is powerful storytelling with an emphasis on inspiring communities all over the world. While embracing and aiding technological advances, we aim to spark the imagination of our audience and offer a glimpse of humanity’s actual capacity. We drive to mitigate risks for our investors using cost-effective solutions and innovation while developing broad audience awareness and long-term revenue optimization strategies.

In parallel, we remain true to our acronym – VIP. We are a human-centered company with a culture that inspires loyalty, creativity, and ingenuity as our driving force.

Our end goal is to become an established brand and a global pioneer and build a solid foundation for our audiences and deliver competitive results for our in-house projects and partners and collaborators for those who wish us to empower their ventures.

Some of our Feature Work


The Lessons of 20/21

We admit, the pandemic significantly slowed our progress with our scheduled production slate. However, it allowed us to redefine many steps of our former strategies

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Century High-school

While preparing for the winter holidays of 2019, we came across a group of students at a charity event who gathered food and donations for

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Inspiring Imagination

One undeniable fact where art has contributed to science is through the science fiction genre. Decades now, creators have used their imaginations to spark innovation

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Some of our Clients

Venturous Innovation Pictures Inc. (VIP Inc.) is an innovative, privately held corporation (Oregon StateReg #159834895) centering on film, TV, digital media production, and post-production. VIP focuses on developing high-concept IPs and acquires those in sync with its mission statement from a proprietary network of associates. Its goal is to bring unique titles to a global audience for the big, small, and computer screen.

Privacy Policy

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We do not sit down with a piece of paper to create, just for the sake of creation. We invest time and effort, even up to years, to research something unique and build what we believe will touch the hearts and challenge the minds of our audiences.

Everything we generate has the sole purpose of aiding humanity to become the better version of themselves through adversity and understanding. We offer what is possible, and we let you decide.

As an example, our flagship IP – Fractured Infinity – includes common historical and mythological elements from nearly every ancient civilization of our planet.

If a common past does not unite us, then what will?