The Lessons of 20/21

We admit, the pandemic significantly slowed our progress with our scheduled production slate. However, it allowed us to redefine many steps of our former strategies and deeply understand the ever-changing challenges of the entertainment world. First 2020 and now 2021 show the world that it is the people who have the strength to lead our planet into a new era.

Every person should have a clear sight of what is happening to our societies. It all begins with unnecessary divisions, fueled by a variety of reasons and agendas. As with every adversity, this one reveals the good, the bad, and the ugly corners of our world. It is an opportunity to repair what is broken and strengthen what is solid.

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As a company, we choose to distance ourselves from divisive political stances void of healthy communication, understanding, and – most importantly – common sense. This past year has offered us a deep understanding of the importance of freedom of expression and privacy. For this reason, we decided to pull away from platforms (yes, plural) that monitor and track visitors by using methods both invasive and disrespectful to those who choose to visit our website.

Freedom, privacy, and respect should be the ruling principles of our everyday lives. Therefore, in a sense, we thank the troubles of this past year, as they have shown us what is truly important.

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