Century High-school

While preparing for the winter holidays of 2019, we came across a group of students at a charity event who gathered food and donations for the community’s less fortunate families. The organizer of this event, part of a more significant effort, was Hillsboro’s Century High School, where our VP, Elisabeth, graduated.

As many may confuse our acronym (VIP) for a statement of privilege, it is part of our vision statement: Everyone is Important. With this in mind, including the fact that we are self-financed, we decided to contribute to a noble cause, even before we release any of our developing projects to the public.

Besides our contribution to Century’s charities, we wanted to make the public aware of their much-needed work to benefit those who need actions like this the most. Below you will see the young children, today’s heroes, and tomorrow’s hope for a better humanity.

We thank everyone involved in creating the following video and hope it inspires more to bring balance and relief to everyone who needs it. Everyone deserves an opportunity at a better life, and we are proud to have helped with a small effort toward that direction.

You can read more about Century High School here.

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